My name is Leslie Shannon, owner of Beach Street Stencils.

My passion is creating art. 

I have been a faux finisher and muralist since 1995.  Previously I was an art teacher for elementary and middle school children.  It was during my teaching years when I discovered that even the most unconfident art student has a creative genius hiding inside, just waiting to let those creative juices flow.... it's only a matter of letting go of inhibitions.   It was always a joy for me to watch my students (who sometimes would declare they were unable to create anything!) discover their inner artist and beam with surprise and pride at what they created with their own hands.  With a lighthearted fun attitude and a little guidance, ANYONE can find and release their creative genius.  

Transitioning into selling stencils just seems like the next logical step for me.  I have loved the challenge of working with clients to create the ideal look for their homes.  Through the years I have designed and cut my own stencils for the specific needs of my clients and they have become very popular with the designers I work with.  So I decided to let my own creative spirit soar and come up with some new and innovative designs to share with the world! 

I hope you enjoy!

Never stop creating!